My Story: An Adverse Outcome and Malpractice Litigation

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In April, 2018, I took on the (frankly) somewhat alarming challenge and very real honor of bringing my personal story to a diverse group. Before an audience comprised of plaintiff’s and defense lawyers, physicians, and various others, I gave a very personal account of a physician’s experience of an adverse outcome and malpractice litigation as part of an endowed Health Law series hosted by Case Western Reserve University's School of Law.

That talk, in a slightly edited form, was recently published in Health Matrix, CWRU Law's health law journal. Regular readers may also recognize a portion of it published here and syndicated by Doximity late last year.

Although this presentation is not brand new, it WILL be new to many of you. So, I want to share it with you today.

You can read it. You can watch it. The choice is yours!

Either way, you’ll hear the intimate account of my experience with an unexpected outcome and malpractice litigation, how I lived it, and some of what I learned as I recovered. Although it’s longer than a blog post, I hope this talk/paper will weave things together in new ways for you. Those of you who have heard me speak will find this talk much more tightly scripted than most that I give, but I offer it to you in the hopes that it will alleviate some of the loneliness many of us feel around unexpected adverse outcomes and malpractice litigation. Perhaps it will offer new insight into your own experience and that of others you may know.

Read my story or watch it. Then, scroll down and give me your thoughts in the comments below! I’d love to hear from you.