Stacia Dearmin, MD, has over two decades' experience practicing and teaching clinical medicine. Stacia has witnessed and experienced firsthand the personal and professional impacts of unexpected, unfortunate patient outcomes and professional litigation. She supports physicians and other healers through the confusion often following an adverse outcome and the process of a malpractice lawsuit.

M. Stacia Dearmin, MD, Litigation Stress Management for Physicians

Stacia coaches colleagues in litigation stress reduction, deposition mindset, courtroom presence, restoration of self-confidence, and emotional self-understanding and management. She rapidly builds rapport with colleagues and brings her knowledge of diverse physicians' experiences to bear on her client's unique situation.

Physicians work collaboratively with Stacia to reduce their sense of isolation and diminish unfamiliarity with the legal process. Her belief that physicians' inherent strengths both shape their experience and signal their individual path forward guides and informs her work at every level.

She works with individual physicians by private arrangement or as an adjunct hired by their defense attorney. Clients may seek her support throughout the process from unexpected adverse outcome to resolution of litigation and through personal recovery.