M. Stacia Dearmin, MD

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Dr. Stacia Dearmin Physician Speaker

Unexpected patient outcomes and medical malpractice litigation take a toll unlike any other on physicians and other healers. These events make major contributions to physician burnout and depression, addiction in medical staff, early physician retirement, and physician suicide. It doesn’t have to be that way!

Understanding the powerful experience of the second victim — the healer injured by practice — and the physician-defendant at the personal and professional levels opens doors to thriving.

I am a dynamic physician speaker who crafts customized talks which illuminate these events, allowing physicians, nurses, and other healers to move through them to find some healing themselves.

Colleagues inspired by my presentations embrace the opportunities for growth hidden in these events, and malpractice defense lawyers, hospital risk managers, and healthcare leaders leave equipped with new insights for supporting the physicians and other medical staff upon whose well-being successful healthcare organizations depend.

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