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Here you’ll find solutions for traversing medical malpractice litigation. We hope to provide insight, education, and support for healing after an unexpected patient outcome. 




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Managing the Stress of a Malpractice Lawsuit

Fear Itself

One normal emotional response to an adverse patient outcome and malpractice lawsuit is fear. Just what is the nature of those fears, and what can we do about them?

Grief in Physicians and Nurses

3 Reasons Why We Grieve Patients’ Unexpected Outcomes

Grief is a common feeling among physicians and other healers whose patient has had an unforeseen, adverse outcome. Let’s explore three roots of grief in physicians, nurses, and other healers.


Thrive: Insight Coaching

How to get through a malpractice lawsuit

Are you hurting after an unexpected outcome? Struggling to find your way in the midst of a malpractice lawsuit? Longing to restore joy in your practice and in life? One-on-one coaching may be the tool for you.


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The Stress of Malpractice Litigation

Enjoy this recent interview with Dr. Jarret Patton, host of the “Licensed to Live” Podcast.