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How Does the Law Define "Medical Malpractice"?

How Does the Law Define “Medical Malpractice”?

(4-minute read) Although most US physicians will confront malpractice litigation at some point, many of us have absolutely NO idea how the law defines “medical malpractice.” The truth is that the law’s definition is clear and makes some sense. Join me in exploring the four elements of “medical malpractice” as the law defines it.

Guilt and Shame after Adverse Patient Outcomes

Guilt & Shame After Adverse Patient Outcomes: What’s the Difference?

VIDEO: A Pandora’s box of emotions emerges in the aftermath of an unforeseen adverse patient outcome. Right now, let’s focus on guilt and shame and distinguish between the two.

Definition of the Standard of Care in Malpractice Litigation

What is the “Standard of Care”?

(4-minute read) The concept of “the standard of care” is central to medical malpractice litigation. Can you answer this very basic question: How do medicine and the law define “the standard of care”?


I welcome the publication of my story in Case Western Reserve’s Health Matrix: Journal of Law- Medicine.

Read it here or view the citation and download directly here.

Dr Stacia Dearmin, Physician Speaker

Looking for a compelling physician speaker?

I inspire physicians and move hearts and minds with a powerful human story. Presentations tailored to your need offer hard-won insights into the experience of the physician who confronts an unexpected adverse outcome or malpractice litigation.


Thrive: Insight Coaching

How to get through a malpractice lawsuit

Are you hurting after an unexpected outcome? Struggling to find your way in the midst of a malpractice lawsuit? Longing to restore joy in your practice and in life? One-on-one coaching may be the tool for you.