Malpractice Lawsuit Stress Coach Dr. Stacia Dearmin

Thrive: Insight Coaching

I have learned first-hand that life's toughest challenges provide the greatest opportunity for growth.

Thrive offers individualized tools designed to help you:

  • heal after unexpected patient outcomes,

  • manage the process of malpractice litigation,

  • restore your joy in practice and in life.


A painful patient outcome or malpractice lawsuit shakes many healers to their core. Survivors report that recovery commonly takes years, if it comes at all. Through coaching, physicians and other healers find the support they need to regain their footing more quickly, rebuild shaken confidence, and come through the stress of a malpractice lawsuit with their heart, soul, and integrity intact.

Litigation Stress Management Coaching for Physician

An Injured Heart

When a valued friend and colleague had a heart attack just after her jury went out to deliberate, her body made explicit what we all know to be true.* These unexpected events injure us at the level of the heart and mind. I have built my coaching practice on that premise.

Every physician’s story is unique. One-on-one coaching gives you tools and a confidential place to understand and address your particular situation. Using shared exploration and goal-setting, we work together to identify your distinct strengths and needs as things unfold and identify strategies for meeting those needs unique to you.

* She recovered!

How to cope with malpractice lawsuit

Open the Door to Healing

How Thrive: Insight Coaching Can Help You


How Thrive: Insight Coaching Works

Coaching begins with a free, 30-minute consultation. The purpose of this call is not to sell you coaching; it is to find your best path forward.

In this call, we assess your situation together to determine whether unexpected outcome and litigation stress management coaching is a good tool for you and whether the two of us are likely to work well as a team. Coaching represents an investment of your time and money at a moment when you are under stress. I want to help ensure that your investment represents a wise one, likely to have the impact you desire on your present and on your tomorrows.

If coaching with me does not appear to be the right tool, we will strategize together around what might be.

After your free consultation, if we agree to proceed, you will choose one of the following four coaching platforms:

Thrive Insight Coaching for Physicians

EKG - $500

This Thrive: Insight Coaching package will quickly provide targeted information and support. Ideal for the physician or other healer who wants to explore a particular concern or two, such as what steps to take if they fear that they will be sued, strategies for managing a deposition, or what to tell their family. Includes:

  • Two 60-minute sessions no more than 6 weeks apart

  • One follow-up e-mail exchange up to one month after the second session

Help for doctor malpractice lawsuit

Trip to the Cath Lab – $1000

This coaching package is intended to help you identify and begin to relieve any major blockages which may stand between you and successfully traversing adverse outcome recovery or malpractice litigation. Includes:

  • Four 60-minute sessions paced at Coach and Client's joint discretion

  • Brief follow-up summary e-mail after each session

  • One follow-up e-mail exchange one month after the final session


Dual-Chamber Pacing – $2000

Guidance for doctor in malpractice lawsuit

Address both inflow and outflow with a rich opportunity to actively pursue recovery and growth after a patient’s unexpected outcome and/or substantial support around the process of medical malpractice litigation. Includes:

  • Eight 60-minute sessions paced at Coach and Client's joint discretion

  • Brief summary e-mail after every session

  • Two follow-up e-mail exchanges one and six months after final session

  • One follow-up call one year after final session


Cardiac consult – Cost TBD

Individualized packages are available for those seeking a regularly scheduled appointment through the litigation process or other unique arrangement. Fee jointly determined by Coach and Client.

All coaching clients receive assignments directed to their particular need, designed to strengthen their efforts to thrive after an unforeseen patient outcome and through the stress of a malpractice lawsuit.

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Physician Coaching Lawsuit

Is Thrive: Insight Coaching Worth Investing In For You?

Becoming a defendant provokes more stress in physicians and other healers than virtually any other aspect of our practice. That was true for me, and the physician-defendants I meet tell me as much through their eyes, their posture, and their voices. Given that the process robs you of time, joy, and energy, the last thing you may want is to incur a monetary expense, too.

If we take a longer view, however, things look very different. The process of malpractice litigation is well-known to be hard on physicians’ health, their marriages, and their other relationships at home and at work. It drives some away from a career they’ve invested long and hard in, others toward addiction, and a certain number toward ending their own lives.

Finding the resources you need to come through this experience with your heart and mind intact gives you back some control. It is exclusively an investment in your health, your home-life, and your professional longevity and joy. On every front — monetary and otherwise — the returns are immense.

When considering the value of Thrive: Insight Coaching, you may find a helpful metaphor in your car. Let’s say you spend $25-30K on a new Toyota Camry, for example, with the hope of getting ten years of service from it.

However, we know that those years of service will never materialize if you don’t invest in the maintenance and repairs the car requires. Various sources suggest that repairs, tires, oil changes, and other maintenance will average $600-$1200/year, or 2-4% of the car’s purchase price every year. And we pay that willingly — don’t we? — because we need transportation.

Vintage Cars in Havana — Devoted Maintenance at its Finest

Vintage Cars in Havana — Devoted Maintenance at its Finest

By comparison, I invite you to stop and honestly contemplate what you invested in medical education. If you’re like many of us, you will have paid well over $150,000 to attend medical school, much of it in the form of debt with interest, not to mention a minimum of seven years of your time here on earth between school and post-graduate training. A staggering investment when compared with a car, and one you made willingly with the hope of enjoying decades in your specialty.

Circumstances now invite you to consider investing in the repairs and maintenance YOU require in order to continue to do what you’ve trained to do. I promise, Thrive: Insight Coaching will cost nowhere near 2-4% of your medical school tuition! However, the returns on this investment of your time and creative attention may help you restore your joy and fuel you for the next ten years. You and your professional longevity are worth the investment!


*Coaching fees are an appropriate use of Professional Development Funds and may be a tax-deductible expense. Please consult with your tax advisor in this regard.

*Additional sessions are always available to those purchasing any coaching package - $250/hour

*Other services are available -- Joint meetings or conversations with Client's legal counsel, shared meetings with Client's spouse/partner or children, correspondence with Client's malpractice carrier or hospital, trial support. All, including travel time, will be billed at the rate of $250/hour.

*Coaching fees may be covered by hospitals or malpractice carriers in some instances.

*Scholarship support available to physicians in training.

* Refunds: The success of coaching is 100% dependent on the client’s participation. If you discover that coaching does not provide the hoped-for benefit, payment for all unused sessions will be refunded.

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