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Here physicians and other healers find a window into the experience of unforeseen patient losses and the world of medical malpractice litigation. We hope to provide insight, education, and support for your journey. 




Thrive: Insight Coaching

How to get through a malpractice lawsuit

Are you hurting after an unexpected outcome? Struggling to find your way in the midst of a malpractice lawsuit? Longing to restore joy in your practice and in life? One-on-one coaching may be the tool for you.


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Inside the Whirlwind of the Second Victim

Inside the Whirlwind

I promised last spring to explore the emotions of the second victim “someday.” Well, someday has come. Join me to explore the whirlwind that is normal for the doctor facing a surprising patient outcome.

Guidance for doctor in a malpractice lawsuit

5 Tips for Testifying at Deposition

Does the notion of a deposition feel foreign to you? Let’s explore strategies that will lead to your success.


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