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M. Stacia Dearmin, MD is the founder of Thrive. Over the course of twenty years, primarily in the world of pediatric emergency medicine, she has both witnessed and experienced the unique personal challenges created by unexpected, unfortunate patient outcomes and professional litigation. Her concern for the well-being of present and future colleagues has inspired in her a commitment to explore the ways in which these profound events shape physicians and other healers' lives.

With wholeheartedness and candor, Dr. Dearmin demystifies these experiences through public speaking engagements, direct support, writing, and other efforts. By grounding these challenges in the larger context of our service to humanity, she strengthens the capacity of healers to respond in ways that provoke growth and create space for joy. She invites the medical community to join her in creatively discovering ways to support one another without augmenting legal risk.

She practices and teaches medicine full-time with the Division of Emergency Services of Akron Children's Hospital, the largest pediatric health system in northeast Ohio, and is an Assistant Clinical Professor at Northeast Ohio Medical University.