M. Stacia Dearmin, MD

Dr. Stacia Dearmin Physician Speaker

Unexpected patient outcomes and medical malpractice litigation take a toll unlike any other on physicians and other healers. These events fuel physician burnout and depression, addiction, early physician retirement, and physician suicide. It doesn’t have to be that way!

Understanding the powerful experience of the second victim — the healer injured by practice — and the physician-defendant opens doors to thriving.

My customized presentations illuminate, allowing physicians, nurses, and others to move through these events to find some healing themselves. Colleagues inspired by my work embrace hidden opportunities for growth, while defense lawyers, risk managers, and healthcare leaders leave equipped with new insights for supporting the medical staff upon whose well-being successful healthcare organizations depend. Use the form below to inquire about hiring me to speak.

Dr. Stacia Dearmin, Public Speaking

As a nationally recognized physician speaker, I’ve given presentations to physicians of every specialty, defense lawyers, risk managers, nurses, and healthcare leaders. I weave the arts, social sciences, and humanities together with my powerful personal story to craft unconventional presentations. By exploring difficult experiences, I bring a unique message which heals and inspires.

Content is highly tailored and may range from a 40-minute introduction to a day-long deep dive. Together we’ll meet the needs of your particular audience and event.

Injured Healer

By weaving my powerful personal story together with stories and ideas from multiple other worlds, I illuminate in unexpected ways the experience of the healer emotionally injured in the course of healing. Discover the emotional, mental, and physical responses of the second victim, the unexpectedly beautiful sources of those responses, and the paths individuals take to healing. Learn what is normal, and how to care for yourself, your colleagues, and others around you in the face of unforeseen, adverse outcomes.

Malpractice Litigation

I unite physicians and other healers by exploring the physician’s experience of medical malpractice litigation at an intimate level. Explore the nuts and bolts of the process with me, and learn tools and a mindset for getting through with one’s sanity intact.

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