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Founded by a physician in 2017, Thrive is here for physicians and other healers in need of some healing themselves.

Making unexpected outcomes and malpractice litigation a little easier.

Litigation stress management coach


An unfortunate patient outcome and malpractice lawsuit can be one of the hardest, loneliest experiences a physician will ever have. One-on-one coaching in a confidential context can illuminate your situation, relieve isolation, and support you in finding your path to thriving. Coaching represents a valuable investment in both your present and all of your tomorrows.

Public Speaker Malpractice Lawsuit Second Victim


Dr. Stacia Dearmin is a dynamic public speaker who demystifies the world of unexpected patient losses and malpractice litigation. By placing these challenges in the larger context of our service to humanity, she strengthens the capacity of healers to respond to their lives in ways that create space for growth and joy.

Recovery of Wounded Healer


A gifted story-teller, Dr. Dearmin uses the power of written word to make sense of complex events. She captures the layers of thought and emotion common for wounded healers and unravels the essentials of a medical malpractice lawsuit.