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Licensed to Live interviews Dr. Stacia Dearmin on Surviving Malpractice

Licensed to Live

with host Dr. Jarret Patton

Malpractice litigation affects nearly every doctor at some point during their career.  The stress and trauma of the proceedings can take its toll on the physician’s psyche.  In this conversation, Dr. Jarret Patton of the Licensed to Live Podcast and I talk about finding the way after an unfortunate patient outcome. (Nov 8, 2018)

Interview with Dr. Stacia Dearmin on medical malpractice lawsuits

Simple Health Radio

with host Dr. Emran

On this episode of Dr. Emran’s Simple Health Radio show, Dr. Emran and Dr. Dearmin explore the issue of medical malpractice litigation for the general public. (Aug 18, 2018)

The Paradocs: Interview with Dr. Stacia Dearmin of Thrive

The Paradocs

with host Dr. Eric Larson

The mental health of the physician is a too infrequently discussed topic when addressing the problems in medicine. One unique stressor facing physicians is malpractice litigation. Its occurrence is so common and the length of the process so long that one might estimate that up to 10% of physicians are in the midst of the litigation process at any one time. Listen in as we discuss the connections between malpractice litigation and physician mental health. (May 29, 2018)



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